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June 24, 2016

Rock-it boards 2017 - what's happening this year?

Off with a bang this year - loads of boards went out over the Xmas period and still the orders are rolling in! We sent boards to the States, Netherlands, Germany and Australia - rock-it goes global!! Rock-it boards in Yoga! Last year we met the awesome Susan Kitson from Rej...
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I purchased a Rock-It board nearly two months ago, I have worked out nearly every day the improvement in my fitness is amazing. I will be 82 next week and have suffered with back pain for years, cannot walk far. The rock-It is just what I needed wish I had seen one of these ...
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We purchased one of your last display 'rock-its' at the 'Go Green' Expo in Wellington and we just wanted to say how much we love it already! It is sitting in the middle of our cosy lounge and we are surprised at how much use it has had. It is just so easy to get on and start...
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OFFICE Rock-it Rave

June 6, 2016
The office staff love using the rock-it boards. We have 6 of them in use all the time - used by people at standing work stations, or to take a breather, to stretch and move after sitting at desks. Supporting physical and mental health in the workplace - the rock-it is awesom...
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ABC Napier Central

June 6, 2016
ABC Napier Central love their rock-it boards...ducks to water we didn't need to demonstrate anything, the children knew intrinsically how to use them and have used them in so many ways. Best buy ever! - Karen Hubbard ...
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Children from crawlers and toddlers through to 5 year olds find ways to challenge their balance and agility... they are so versatile...children and staff enjoy using them... we thoroughly recommend them to all early childhood services. A fabulous invention! - Kay Harland,...
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The boards are a huge hit and are used in so many different ways: as bridges, slides, cradles, boats, and of course as balance equipment....
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Schools are experiencing the rock-it boards to be an invaluable resource both in and outside the classroom. Recently we purchased a number of 'rock-its' for use within the various syndicates. We are extremely pleased with these boards, which have proved both durable and mul...
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