Peterhead School, Hastings

Schools are experiencing the rock-it boards to be an invaluable resource both in and outside the classroom.

Recently we purchased a number of 'rock-its' for use within the various syndicates. We are extremely pleased with these boards, which have proved both durable and multi-functional.
Our junior students make use of their rock-it boards every day. They are used for balancing, as ramps and racing tracks for cars and trains and a myriad of other purposes. They are constantly in use as children use their imagination and creativity within their games.

The senior students make more use of this equipment for balance and fitness exercises. We have one student who has some mobility and balance problems, due to injuries received in a car accident. The rock-it is helping to increase her confidence and general fitness.

For those students who tend to be 'over-active' we find the rock-its to be a real asset. The children are lining up to be next to have time on the boards! We are very aware of the research which states that the types of movements which the children are performing on these boards are beneficial to brain development.

Our school can thoroughly recommend the Rock-it boards for use by students of all ages. We believe that our students are getting real benefits from this equipment and the enthusiasm shown by the children throughout the school is quite remarkable."

- Teaching staff.


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