Rock-it Boards - the coolest way to move!

So Many Benefits Come With Your Rock-it Board!

 Dynamic Movement!      Low Impact Exercise!     In Your Home!    Any Age!    Affordable!     Fun! 

Fitness & Well-being

Improve your Overall Balance, Fitness & Strength!
Build your Confidence and Coordination and support your
Respiratory and Cardio Health!

Body & Brain Development for Kids

Simple & versatile play resource 

Build confidence and coordination 

FUN-ctional movement tool

Kids love Rock-it

Improve Posture, Reduce Fatique for Better Health

Having a Rock-it Office at work enables you to be active, not sedentary at your desk.
Encourages you to stand with better posture, improving circulation and respiratory health.

Regain Balance & Coordination

Restorative gentle exercise, post-illness or injury.

Rock-it Boards - Award winning and original - made right here in Hawkes Bay NZ

From the very young to the very old...

At Home.. at School.. at Work... rock-it boards are everywhere!

Beautiful & Durable   -  Made to work and made to last 

Choose from 9 different styles and sizes - there's one to fit you

What people say...

"Super fast service, board arrived today. Exquisitely made, excellent quality. Tried it out while doing the dishes, made it enjoyable would you believe? Absolutely love this board, highly recommend this product and this company."

Lyndell Olley  

"I had been looking at a board and considering it for a while after I tried one at a Go Green Expo. I took advantage of the July sale and my board arrived quickly. It is excellent quality and so well made, I do wish I had ordered one sooner. It is so easy to use. I like the videos that are being posted. They are so helpful and give great tips on correct body posture while on the board. I look forward to it's continued use in my home and more videos. Thanks for making such a quality product available in NZ."
Melissa Sutherland

Rock-Fit Exercise Program

Get Moving! Build Better Balance, Strength Coordination and Mobility

Collaborating with Dance and Movement Wellness Instructor Rosalina, we are developing a series of four basic Rock-Fit  "Exercise-On-Demand" classes to support both new and existing board owners. These will soon be available to buy online.

You will be able to work in your own time - at your own pace - in the comfort of your own home! Or get together with friends for a fun, friendly rock-fit session! 

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Meanwhile, here is the first Rock Fit Introduction video complimentary.

Visit our Gallery

Discover the many and diverse ways to use your Rock-it board  -  to maximise the benefits to your health and fitness. We include a progression of Yoga videos with Rejuvenate Yoga teacher Susan Kitson. You will be amazed at what you can achieve! 

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Support local New Zealand make and tell us why you love our boards.

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Rock-it boards are designed and made in Haumoana, Hawkes Bay, NZ.



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