Rock-it Boards - the coolest way to move!

So Many Benefits Come With Your Rock-it Board!

 Dynamic Movement!      Low Impact Exercise!     In Your Home!    Any Age!    Affordable!     Fun! 

Fitness & Well-being

Improve your Overall Balance, Fitness & Strength!
Build your Confidence and Coordination and support your
Respiratory and Cardio Health!

Body & Brain Development for Kids

Simple & versatile play resource 

Build confidence and coordination 

FUN-ctional movement tool

Kids love Rock-it

Improve Posture, Reduce Fatique for Better Health

Having a Rock-it Office at work enables you to be active, not sedentary at your desk.
Encourages you to stand with better posture, improving circulation and respiratory health.

Regain Balance & Coordination

Restorative gentle exercise, post-illness or injury.

What people say...

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Discover the many and diverse ways to use your Rock-it board  -  to maximise the benefits to your health and fitness. We include a progression of Yoga videos with Rejuvenate Yoga teacher Susan Kitson. You will be amazed at what you can achieve! 

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