Office Wellness with movement


Take a look at our Office Rock-it, specially designed for the
workplace. This board will change how you feel at the office!
Keeps you moving, supports you at your standing desk or workstation.

These beautiful wooden balance boards are designed
and made in Hawkes Bay New Zealand.
Rock-it boards are eco-friendly and sustainably produced,
using all NZ-sourced, natural and non-toxic materials.

Rock-it boards are sturdy, durable and versatile.

Rock-it Office in the Workplace

Great support for you at your standing desk!

Rock and Stand while you work!

  • Relieves muscle tension and back strain
  • No more stiff knees and hips when you stand
  • Stimulates heart rate and circulation
  • Relieves workplace stress
  • Brings activity and fun into work! Moving during our working hours
  • Essential to sustain our long-term health and well-being.

Office Board users say...

"8 months ago my employer introduced standing desks to the workplace which I had never used before.  7 months ago I started using a Rock-It at my desk and it has made all the difference.     Before Rock-It I was standing, at most 3 to 4 hours per day, and tiring quickly. Now, thanks to Rock-it Office Board, I am able to stand and rock for the entire day! It has become my preferred choice.  Rock-it makes the whole experience more comfortable, more relaxing and helps with my thinking processes allowing me to move, yet stand still at the same time.

I have also found it to be a great conversation starter with obvious one-liners about skateboarding/snowboarding/surfing in the office."

Brian Rae
Asset Information Manager
Auckland International Airport

What people say...

"I am totally IN LOVE with my rock-it board. It’s so great. I actually bought it as I have just done a 4 week trip across there Greenland Icecap (first day back at work!), so was wanting it to help me get used to standing all day. While the trip was very challenging, standing on my feet for 14 hours + a day was never an issue. Plus, it makes standing at my desk super easy."

“Going from an 8-hour day at work where I am predominantly stationary, to then walking across the Greenland Icecap had me a little worried about how I would cope with standing for 10+ hours a day! I had discovered Rock-it boards a year or so earlier and decided this would be a great option to help me get used to standing on my feet. I spent the next three months in the lead up to the expedition ‘rocking’ at my desk, and found the small movements gentle on my knees and back, making standing for long periods very easy. Not only was it a great conversation starter at work, but people in my office with back or knee problems bought one too with huge success.
While walking for 29 days across the icecap, standing on my feet was never an issue. I never noticed I had sore feet, and I believe this was thanks to standing on my Rock-it board. Even after returning from Greenland, I use my Rock-it board every day and I can’t recommend them highly enough."


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