WHAT IS the Rock-it Board

What are rock-it boards? Why should I get one?

Rock-it Boards are beautiful curved wooden balance / exercise / play boards. These unique, stylish boards have been designed right here in Hawkes Bay New Zealand. Each board is shaped and handcrafted from laminated NZ - grown pine. Finally they are lacquered with either a natural or whitewash oil/resin finish.

So what will a rock-it board do for me?

Regular use of these boards will build and maintain the essential elements that keep us strong and healthy into the latter years. When we are young our exercise regimes are often hard core, high energy, high cardio, and sometimes extreme. Building muscle and strength, but frequently tough on joints. As we get older, fitness trainers and movement therapists tell us our exercise patterns need to change. We now need a clear focus on three elements....Balance ... Strength ... Mobility 

Rock-it boards are tailor-made to help us to achieve exactly this.                                                       They provide a unique, low impact and rhythmic way for us to improve all three elements.                          Manageable for almost anyone - stable... safe ... and FUN!

Boards are available in 7 different styles and sizes - each designed to meet the following different needs:

- Fitness and Wellbeing for any age and especially recommended for the 50's plus

- Children's play and balance -- body and brain! Boards for crawlers to teens!

- For our teens, and in-betweens...gets this age moving because it's 'cool' - and fun!

- Office Rock-it - these boards have been specially designed to promote active movement in the office workplace... overcoming the dangerous health effects of sedentary work... preventing back, leg, neck strain etc.

- To assist in physical therapy and rehabilitation from injury or surgery.

ROCK-FIT CLASSES are expected to be be available in centres throughout New Zealand. We are currently looking to recruit trainers so please register interest via our contact email. 

See our fb page for latest information and for regular video clips to assist you with ideas of how to use your board. Movement of the Week! And every month we choose a Rocker of the Month who receives 20% discount on any board of choice!

Take a look at our gallery for photos and instructional videos - and GET ROCKING!


Where and how can I use the rock-it?

Preferably use the Rock-it indoors on a carpeted, non-slip surface. If you have wooden or tile floors, you may wish to choose the additional cork surface. Or just use on a mat.

Children may like to play in the garden - dry grass is perfect!

This is a great way to Snack on exercise - every little bit helps...

You can tone and stretch your body while watching your favourite TV show, or chatting away on the phone! Outdoors on a dry grassy lawn works too.

Check out our weekly exercise videos on fb - they will motivate and inspire you...

Basic Exercise Instructional Video

Challenging Core Strength, Flexibility and Balance!

Watch this video to see how the rock-it board can take you to a whole new level in dynamic movement and fitness!

Rock-it Boards are used in many contexts. Read what the people say...

Moving while you work!


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