WHAT IS the rock-it board

What is a rock-it board & why would you get one?

The rock-it is a beautifully handcrafted wooden balance board, used in multiple contexts across all ages.  

Boards are available in 6 different styles and sizes - each designed to meet different needs.

Rock-it boards provide a completely unique, low impact and rhythmic way to move and exercise.

These fun, versatile boards are used for:

- Fitness and Wellbeing for any age

- Children's play and balance -- body and brain!

- To enable dynamic movement in the office / workplace

- To assist in physical therapy and rehabilitation from injury or surgery.

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Where and how can I use the rock-it?

Preferably use the Rock-it indoors on a carpeted, non-slip surface. If you have wooden or tile floors, just use the board on a mat (yoga mats are ideal) OR - you can get a board with a cork surface so no mat required! 

This is a great way to Snack on exercise - every little bit helps...

You can tone and stretch your body while watching your favourite TV show, or chatting away on the phone! Outdoors on a dry grassy lawn works too.

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Riding a rock-it is good for you - Anyone - Any age - and it's FUN!

Basic Exercise Instructional Video

Challenging Core Strength, Flexibility and Balance!

Watch this video to see how the rock-it board can take you to a whole new level in dynamic movement and fitness!

Rock-it boards are used in many contexts. Read what the people say...

Moving while you work!


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