Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What weight can the boards carry?

The following weights are applicable when using the board in the rocking position. If boards are used to stand on when turned over, inverted, the weight limit is less by about 40/50 kg, depending on the board. ( please check details in board info on Shop page)

Boards are NOT designed to withstand vigorous jumping on by heavy adults, when inverted!

Mini 100kg
Little 140 kg
Middle 150 kg
Super 200 kg
Office 180 kg
These are weights we have trialled with zero breakage.

Q - How do I know which board is right for me?

A - There is no exact formula! However, if the board is only for children under the age of 6 or 7, the Little Earth is best. Thereafter it depends on usage - is it a whole family? Are you very active? Are you taller than 5'6"? Check the Shop page where specific details are given for each board.

Q - Can you ship overseas?

A -  We are able to ship to most countries on request. Shipping to Australia is set up on the Shop page. For other countries, please email us direct so we can quote on shipping and organise a payment option.

Q - Can the boards be used outside?

A - Primarily designed to be used indoors. However are OK outside on a non-abrasive surface such as dry grass, artificial grass, rubber mat etc. Do not leave outside in wet conditions.

Q - What is your most popular board and why?

A - The Super Moon has become our biggest seller by far, for the general public. The size is the same as the Super Earth, but many people like it for it's stylish look and the fact that it provides an extra challenge for balance work, when inverted.

Q - How long can we expect the boards to last?

A - Years and years if looked after.

Q - How do I care for the board? Cleaning etc.

A - To clean off dirt and grime, spray board with a mild Eco friendly cleaner. Rub with a Scotch Brite cleaning pad or similar. Wipe off with damp cloth. Allow to dry. Apply a very thin even coat of Danish oil with soft cloth, wiping off any excess oil, and allow to dry.

Q - Do you have any retail outlets? Where could I see a board?

A - We currently in the process of creating a shop to visit at our workshop. Please contact Joe at for more information.

Q - Which board do you recommend for a whole family, so parents and children can all use it?

A - If you have very young children, the Middle Earth is probably the best as the little ones can use it both to rock, as well as for play. The Earth design is stable when inverted so children can use it as a bridge, car ramp etc. However, if your children are older, the Super Moon or Super Earth are also suitable.

Q - Can I use the board injury rehabilitation?

A - Many people have used the boards after injury and also after surgery, during rehab for ankles, knees and hips. The gentle rocking movement achieved on these boards activates a range of small and large muscle groups in a way that promotes and supports the regaining of flexibility as well as strength. As always, check with your health professional first.


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