Whole Family loving the Rock-it

We purchased one of your last display 'rock-its' at the 'Go Green' Expo in Wellington and we just wanted to say how much we love it already! It is sitting in the middle of our cosy lounge and we are surprised at how much use it has had. It is just so easy to get on and start moving, and is quite addictive! We are sure that it is already improving our feet and ankle strength and flexibility. We have an exercycle that we inherited that sits upstairs in our landing that no one ever uses. In fact I have never sat on it at all! The 'Rock-it' however is almost constantly on the go with all our family traffic, and I suspect that the fact that it is such an aesthetically pleasing shape and form is something to do with it. Thank you very much!

- Jane and Brian (Wellington)

And a few days later from Jane:
"It has been six days now and Brian has had a noticeable improvement in his heel flexibility (an old injury) and I'm noticing better balance and core strength and flexibility. It is just the perfect tool for gentle stretch of the hip flexors and hamstrings, whilst satisfying the swing suspension joys of the inner child!"


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