Which Board do you need?

With so much choice this can be a vexing question, so to assist in your decision here are some helpful hints!

Baby Earth

This sturdy little board is specially designed for our curious crawlers and toddlers.

Baby Earth comes with cork underside to provide a tactile non -slip surface to help our little ones as they begin to explore and develop their balance and coordination!

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Little Earth

A strong, versatile board for any child under 6/7.

Will be used to rock / balance / play, providing hours of creative activity for our  boisterous young ones. This is the age of imagination and wonder! The board becomes a cradle, boat, bridge, tunnel, road, fence, slide…or even a table to sit at with a morning snack!

So good for body and brain development without even trying!

Super Moon

Our super-sized, fitness / fun / exercise board is our most popular seller by a country mile!

This beautiful curved board is 100% unique to Rock-it Boards! With its stylish curved design, this board is used from teens to golden oldies, simply for fun or for more serious fitness! With great ‘swing’, there are so many ways to use this board. Excellent for building core strength, balance, flexibility…and if you want you can follow our Rock-Fit program with Series 1 provided free online.

Not only used in Rock-Fit, but also by exercise, pilates and yoga instructors – the Super Moon has a committed and growing band of followers!

Soon to be available in the UK and Europe with its launch there in 2021!

Rock-it Office

The board we designed specifically to promote more movement in the Workplace!

This beautiful compact and stylish board is not only good for you, but it looks great too. Use it at your standing desk or place your feet on the board while sitting.

The Office board provides a capacity for daylong movement. Gentle rocking and rolling stimulates circulation, alleviates back and leg strain and promotes good posture while you work.

Research tells us that the key to workplace health is Movement – also promoting faster metabolism to prevent weight gain, and great for cardio health.

If you have a team keen, talk to your boss about our bulk deals. We’d love to help make your workspace a better, more enjoyable and healthier place for you, and your colleagues!

Rock-it Balance

At last we have a board specially designed to help those who have significant balance challenges!

Balance is so important in everyday living. To move with confidence and safety can become increasingly difficult, either as we age, or after injury, or for anyone with other physical challenges.

This board is shorter and wider than other rock-it boards. It comes standard with a cork bottom for stability. It is easy to use, safe – and even fun!

Rocking stimulates our balance system and promotes better circulation. With practice we can begin to regain lost confidence. Our muscles begin to react as they used to, to support us and keep us upright.

This board could be a game changer – to help those who have ‘lost it’ to find strength and confidence once more!

Rock-it Resistance

This ‘groovy’ board offers us a greater capacity to challenge balance and muscle strength!

Currently provided as an addition to the Super Moon board, the grooves enable use of resistance bands to add another whole dimension of fitness.  Resistance and strength training are well known factors for bone health and longevity.

Grooves can also be added to existing boards if required. 


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