Rock-Fit™ Exercise

Welcome to the first of our exercise videos introducing you to the concept of Rock-Fit™. This fitness and well-being program has been developed and practised by Rock-it™ Board developers Dave & Annie Evans in collaboration with Dance & Wellness Instructor Rosalina Pang, over several years. More recently, public and online classes have endorsed its popularity and effectiveness.

Rock-Fit™, with its unique capacity for low-impact, rhythmic movement, always engaging our core, supports us to improve our physical and mental health and wellbeing in the following areas:

Balance ~ Strength ~ Mobility ~ Coordination ~ Flexibility ~ Stress release!

During this introductory session, we will take you through our basic range of repeated exercises. Some may be more challenging than others initially, but with practice you will soon find greater confidence! You will experience rhythmic movement, with a focus in this session on balance, mobility and coordination.

Later, if you wish to take Rock-Fit™ further, we will have many more advanced movements to share! There are endless ways to use these boards, as you will no doubt discover as you experiment yourself!

Remember – take things at your own pace – there is no rush!

Get Moving with Rock-Fit™ and ENJOY!!

Wishing you all the best  

Annie Dave & Rosalina

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This will help use produce the next series for your continued progression and coordination on your Rock-it™ Board.


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