rock-it boards for Children and Education

This hugely popular, simple, durable and versatile play resource is just wonderful for your children - at home and in any EC centre. Keeps children active and engaged in play.

These boards provide for endless open-ended and creative play. They show us time and time again that children instinctively seek opportunities for their imaginations and learning capacities to be challenged. That simple is best!  When we provide the basics, the kids will do the rest! Rock-it boards are an amazing play and developmental  resource that bring joy and enthusiasm , while at the same time supporting...

  • Body and Brain development
  • Balance and Coordination
  • Sensory Integration
  • Creative Open-ended Play
  • Rhythmic - Calming and Relaxing

For children the possibilities are endless! AND...your rock-it boards will last for years!

Rock-it boards are widely used in early childhood settings all over NZ and in Australia.

"...Huge thanks to Dave & Annie for creating such an amazing piece of play-based educational equipment." (abridged) Nga mihi nui, Robin and Toni Christie, Childspace founders

" Our set of 4 arrived at our Adelaide preschool last week just in time for a week of rain with children stuck inside. They love them! Thank you for a fabulous product!" Teresa Golin Adelaide preschool

Why do children love these boards?

When my two and a bit grandson comes over, he gets busy straight away. It's usually a few farm animals, and a truck or three! - and then he always says " I need the bridge!" He  means the rock-it board...and once he has it, it remains centre stage to all his play. It is the bridge, the trucks are driven over, the animals take shelter in the cave, he eats his lunch at his rock-it table, and of course there's always a good deal of rocking!

Children know how to play if we leave them to it, and provide a few basics. Less is often best. So let's provide the best - the simple, the natural, the parts that can become many things....we don't need to tell kids what to do.

As mums, as grand-mums, or as teachers, we know what works! And we know what WE need! We want our little ones to be busy, and actively occupied, chatting away - happy in their play. Not needing us every second - not crying out to be entertained! Having a rock-it board as part of the basics in your home, or in your learning centre, is a real gift - to your children - and ultimately for everyone!

So that's about it:

  • Hours of active, creative play  -  engaged and busy, having FUN!  
  • Developmentally appropriate - so  good for young, growing bodies and brains 

 In the home as well as in Early Childhood, and in Schools - rock-it boards are simply a great choice.

Rock-it boards Provide Therapeutic Support

Rocking is an innate, rhythmic action which soothes and relaxes. Just as mothers instinctively rock their babies to quiet and calm, so too children of all ages are captivated by things that rock.

Teachers frequently tell us of the therapeutic benefits of the rock-it boards for hyperactive children and for those on the autistic and/or SPD spectrum. They can help anxious and agitated children to calm and settle.

The curved rock-it boards have immediate appeal to the very children who need them most. Having these boards available in our homes and learning centres gives our children the opportunity to self-soothe, to calm and relax. Just a wonderful asset for children,  sure and simple.

Early Childhood Brochure PDF to view or print

Package Deals

We offer a choice of two special  ECE Package Deals . Follow this link for details or find on our SHOP page.
Should you require a different combination of boards, perhaps to meet a $500 budget, please contact us direct to arrange. We can offer free freight and possibly some additional discount on a purchase of 3 boards.


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