The Rock-it Story

It began way back in the early 80's when we had children of our own. Dave made wooden things in his shed and Annie was focusing on raising a family and being a mum. The children's playground was the large garden and their playthings were mostly simple, natural and of course included the marvellous creations that came out of their dad's shed.

Right back then, Dave had a thing about rocking. He made rocking chairs, horses, dolphins, cows, and elephants – and they went into the homes of Kiwi kids all around New Zealand. Recently we even received a photo of an original rocking horse that now resides on the Gold Coast of Australia where it has become the loved 'pet' of the next generation!

A call for help!

When our daughter Miriam, at that time living in WA, called to ask if Dave could make something that rocked for our little grandson Archie, who was turning three in two weeks, he had to think and act fast! Miri is a chip off her father's block – creative, innovative and very practical. She wanted a simple, natural piece of play equipment that would facilitate imaginative, purposeful play, support development of balance and coordination, and still be whatever Archie wanted it to be. Maybe just a board that rocked? Together father and daughter hatched a plan...

What have we discovered?

So Dave set off to his workshop, and a few days later the first 'Rock-it' board emerged. He placed it in the middle of the living room floor, waiting for Annie's reaction. It was a eureka moment!

Within seconds, we both realised that this simple piece of crafted wood destined for Perth, for a small boy turning three, could possibly be so much more than just one child's play piece. It felt so wonderful to stand and rock on. The unusual rhythmic movement felt incredible – both relaxing and energising at the same time. Working to move and balance, we could feel that leg, thigh, butt, and core were all getting a decent workout! Side to side, back to front, gently or with vigour. But there was something else as well ...something so centering and calming...this movement felt unlike anything we had tried before! What had we discovered?

But for now, this board (which we named the 'Rock-it') had to be packaged and posted – to fly across the oceans to WA, to become whatever a little boy would make of it.

Where it all started - with a little boy called Archie!

Since then...

We have been through much research and development, and testing, and have trialed the board in different situations, with all ages. We now boards in 7 different sizes, and have created our trademark, unique designs .We make boards especially for the very young, even beginner crawlers, through all ages and needs, including a sturdy cork-bottomed board for use in the office. We offer both natural and whitewash colour finish.

Rock-it boards are now widely used in many contexts: for exercise and fitness, in early childhood centres and schools, in homes, at work, and in physical therapy. They have been sent all round the world .. to Germany...France... England...USA...Australia... Tahiti...Singapore... this Rock-it buzz is contagious!

And so the Rock-it journey continues. Time and time again people tell us they love that this is an original NZ product, made here from our own NZ sourced materials. Wood from the West Coast sustainably grown pine forests. Finished in a NZ made, all natural resin and plant based oil that is resilient, and smells great! Created by Kiwis with our indomitable NO 8 wire, creative and innovative spirit...and made to last! Not a throw-away gimmick... your Rock-it board should be with you for years! 

Genuine and authentic...and we intend to keep it that way!

Drying off in the workshop


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