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Testimonials from Parents and Teachers

Rock-it board in School Holiday Programme

" I bought one of your wonderful Rock-it boards from you at the Green Expo a few weeks ago for my little circus. What a hit! I was helping at a school holiday program this morning with 25 kids and noticed that all the kids had a turn, some see-sawed with a friend, big sister was letting little brother stand between her legs, show-off was standing on it turned over, they were lying on it, rolling on it, playing with props on it. In fact they played right until the end even when I had packed up! It really is a great product!  I would have loved to have videoed the session for you today, the kids were discovering ways to use it that I'd not seen before."

Phillipa Heunis (from Havana Circus) Auckland   April 2018

ABC Napier Central

ABC Napier Central love their rock-it boards...ducks to water we didn't need to demonstrate anything, the children knew intrinsically how to use them and have used them in so many ways. Best buy ever!

- Karen Hubbard

Okaiawa Preschool

We ordered our rock-it boards after seeing them at the Childspace Play conference. They arrived and we LOVE them! A wonderfully open resource that has been used in every way possible!
A huge thank you from the teaching team, tamariki and whanau at Okaiawa preschool

Kindergarten Parent Dunedin

The boards are a huge hit and are used in so many different ways: as bridges, slides, cradles, boats, and of course as balance equipment.

From Adelaide SA ...

Our set of four arrived at our Adelaide preschool last week just in time for a week of rain with children stuck inside, They love them!!! Thank you for a fabulous product.
Teresa Golin Adelaide preschool

Otatara Childrens Centre EIT Hawkes Bay

We purchased 4 of your marvellous rock-it boards for our centre about a year ago. I just wanted to let you know how much the children and staff enjoy using them. They are so versatile!They are used to stand on and lie in, of course, but they have used them in many other ways here at Otatara. We use them as props for play acting. Vehicles are driven over them. They become parts of block construction. We use them standing on their sides in a circle to contain our pet rabbit and tortoise while children handle them. This configuration is also used to make a separate play space for 1 or 2 children and their activity. Sometimes older children just lie in them and chat.

Children from crawlers and toddlers through to 5 year olds find ways to challenge their balance and agility.We thoroughly recommend the rock-it boards to all early childhood services. They would be great to have at home too. A fabulous invention!

Kay Harland Supervisor

Matapihi Kindergarten Raglan

Just wanted to write and let you know how much fun we have been having with our rock-it boards. They are such a great resource, used not only for balancing and exercising but also as an extension of block play, storytelling, dramatic play (caves, boats and bridges), and to set up performance areas. Not a day goes by that they are not put to good use. Thanks so much.
Meren and the team at Matapihi

"I had been looking at a board and considering it for a while after I tried one at a Go Green Expo. I took advantage of the July sale and my board arrived quickly. It is excellent quality and so well made, I do wish I had ordered one sooner. It is so easy to use. I like the videos that are being posted. They are so helpful and give great tips on correct body posture while on the board. I look forward to it's continued use in my home and more videos. Thanks for making such a quality product available in NZ. 

"Melissa Sutherland

A primary school using rock-it boards

We have recently purchased a number of rock-its,,,we are extremely pleased with them and they have proved to be both durable and multi-functional. Junior students use the rock-its every day- for balancing and a myriad of other purposes...They use their imagination and creativity within their play...Senior students use more for balance and fitness.. a student in rehab after an accident is gaining mobility and confidence...for over-active students they are a real asset...we are aware of the beneficial aspects for brain development...enthusiasm shown by children throughout the school is quite remarkable. (abridged)
Teaching staff Peterhead School, Hastings

St Claire Corner Dunedin May 2017

We have had the Rock-it boards for nearly 4 years. They have lasted so well and still look good after all this time. The children, teachers and parents all love them! The kids use them all the time, babies lie on them, and they are great for building confidence. They also build balance and coordination. We strongly recommend these boards to any ECE centre.

This testimonial was given to us at the recent ECC conference in Wellington this year. It was one of many very positive responses shared with us by teachers who have the boards in their centres.

Little Einsteins Educare Ltd Cambridge

We're exploring our new rock-it boards! We bought them for balance and coordination and exercise! But who knew??????
They are bridges and beds and rocking chairs and rainbows, they are for surfing and dancing with your friends, train tracks and places to hide for a caterpillar...
We can always trust the children to discover every single possible way our resources can be used with their clever brains and bodies. :)
Little Einsteins Cambridge

"Super fast service, board arrived today. Exquisitely made, excellent quality. Tried it out while doing the dishes, made it enjoyable would you believe? Absolutely love this board, highly recommend this product and this company."

Lyndell Olley 

More testimonials from Adult users

"Best thing I've ever bought"

At the GoGreen show In Auckland this year a woman walked past our stand and called out " Best thing I've ever bought!" so we asked her if she would mind writing a few words for this page. This is what she said.

"I bought my board a couple of years ago. I use it every day. It sits in the middle of my lounge and I get on whenever I feel like it. It's great when I'm watching TV...I get on for a few minutes in the ad breaks. I move more now and what I love is how I can use my body in so many different ways. It is really effective exercise,,,it'e easy to do and it's fun."

Lynne Walker  Reiki Teacher / Master  Age 64   April 2018

Xmas of 2017 - another happy rock-it owner

Hi Guys. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. I received my rock-it board yesterday for Christmas from my daughter and her partner. What a great idea. I've used it everyday since receiving it. Already feeling more centred. As I get stronger I'll be trying the other moves. Thanks once again

Glenys Arkinstall 26.12.17

Mum and kids loving their board

"My kids and I have a rockit board and we love it! It's such an amazing tool to give to kids to promote health and fitness...My son has had issues since birth with weakness in his legs...since after using the board he's stopped talking of pain in his legs..

And I love it too..on days when I'm too busy to make it to the gym..I actually use the rockit board in my home it's a great little tool in our household."

Hinewai Waitoa 4.04.18

Another endorsement for the Office Rock-it board

Happy to endorse this - has been great at my stand up desk.
Law firm North Carolina USA excited to receive their Office rock-it boards!

Law firm North Carolina USA excited to receive their Office rock-it boards!

My board has been a life saver for back pain

I have suffered lower back pain for years and tried everything. Nothing has really helped. Not until I got my rock-it board, recommended by my chiropractor. I use it every day, just  a few minutes at a time. The relief is amazing. She tells me it strengthens the lateral muscles of the back and improves core strength. Whatever it is, it works and I am so grateful. What an awesome invention. Thanks so much Rock-it !

Anon (this person wished to maintain privacy but was happy for us to use her testimony) 

The Workplace

OFFICE Rock-it Rave 2014

The office staff love using the rock-it boards.
We have 6 of them in use all the time - used by people at standing work stations, or to take a breather, to stretch and move after sitting at desks. Supporting physical and mental health in the workplace - the rock-it is awesome.

and just recently in 2015

We have just ordered another 10 boards as the staff are fighting over them! They are extremely popular!

- PowerShop Wellington (and again 2016 added another 6 Office Rock-its to the collection!)

Varidesk NZ

Here is some honest feedback from the team in the office who have used the boards:

~ It's fun, helps to keep moving which pumps blood around the body and keeps you feeling motivated

~ Comfortable to use

~ It's light, easy to move around and store under your desk when you decide to sit down

~ Helps with creative thinking

~ It's beautiful, love that it's natural

~ Surprised how strong and sturdy it is to use

~ I could feel core and muscles receive a workout whilst using the board

~ Everyone in the office wants to use the board, such a fun design

Kind regards Shaina Low / Marketing and Relationships Manager / Varidesk NZ / 15.11.16

We purchased one of your last display 'rock-its' at the 'Go Green' Expo in Wellington and we just wanted to say how much we love it already! It is sitting in the middle of our cosy lounge and we are surprised at how much use it has had. It is just so easy to get on and start moving, and is quite addictive! We are sure that it is already improving our feet and ankle strength and flexibility. We have an exercycle that we inherited that sits upstairs in our landing that no one ever uses. In fact I have never sat on it at all! The 'Rock-it' however is almost constantly on the go with all our family traffic, and I suspect that the fact that it is such an aesthetically pleasing shape and form is something to do with it. Thank you very much!

- Jane and Brian (Wellington)

And a few days later from Jane:

"It has been six days now and Brian has had a noticeable improvement in his heel flexibility (an old injury) and I'm noticing better balance and core strength and flexibility. It is just the perfect tool for gentle stretch of the hip flexors and hamstrings, whilst satisfying the swing suspension joys of the inner child!"

Another endorsement for the Rock-it board

I totally recommend rock-it boards. I attend trade shows regularly which involves standing for hours at a time at my stall.I would suffer really sore knees and be so stiff by the end of the day. One day I asked Dave and Annie ( they had a stall just along from mine) if I could borrow a board to see if it helped. The relief was immediate...almost unbelievable. I bought a board there and then. Now I take it to all the shows and make sure I am on it for a few minutes every hour. I now have no joint pain at all.

Colin Stuart  Sujon Berries

Therapy and Rehabilitation

82 yr old Sees Fitness Improved

I purchased a Rock-It board nearly two months ago, I have worked out nearly every day the improvement in my fitness is amazing. I will be 82 next week and have suffered with back pain for years, cannot walk far. The rock-It is just what I needed wish I had seen one of these years ago. I started off with just 5 minutes now I am up to just over 20 min I am thrilled. Thanks so much.
- Lea Kelly (82 yrs). Havelock North

A yoga teacher recommends rock-it boards

I utilise rock-it boards in all of my classes, both in the more active Vinyasa / Hatha classes as well as in the slower yin style sessions.Even nervous students leave class with a smile on their faces after experiencing the joy of rock-it board yoga. The boards facilitate an ease of access to difficult poses like Pavritta Trikonasana and Virabradasana III, even for total beginners. For a more advanced yoga practitioner the boards provide additional complexity to standing, balance and arm strength poses. They also allow students to recline in restorative poses like Supta Virasana. My yoga room is a much richer space with the rock-it boards included.

Susan Kitson Rejuvenate Yoga Hawkes Bay NZ

What Adults say about their boards


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