Testimonials from Parents and Teachers

rock-it board in School Holiday Programme

" I bought one of your wonderful Rock-it boards from you at the Green Expo a few weeks ago for my little circus. What a hit! I was helping at a school holiday program this morning with 25 kids and noticed that all the kids had a turn, some see-sawed with a friend, big sister was letting little brother stand between her legs, show-off was standing on it turned over, they were lying on it, rolling on it, playing with props on it. In fact they played right until the end even when I had packed up! It really is a great product!  I would have loved to have videoed the session for you today, the kids were discovering ways to use it that I'd not seen before."

Phillipa Heunis (from Havana Circus) Auckland   April 2018

ABC Napier Central

ABC Napier Central love their rock-it boards...ducks to water we didn't need to demonstrate anything, the children knew intrinsically how to use them and have used them in so many ways. Best buy ever!

- Karen Hubbard

Okaiawa Preschool

We ordered our rock-it boards after seeing them at the Childspace Play conference. They arrived and we LOVE them! A wonderfully open resource that has been used in every way possible!
A huge thank you from the teaching team, tamariki and whanau at Okaiawa preschool

Kindergarten Parent Dunedin

The boards are a huge hit and are used in so many different ways: as bridges, slides, cradles, boats, and of course as balance equipment.

From Adelaide SA ...

Our set of four arrived at our Adelaide preschool last week just in time for a week of rain with children stuck inside, They love them!!! Thank you for a fabulous product.
Teresa Golin Adelaide preschool

Otatara Childrens Centre EIT Hawkes Bay

We purchased 4 of your marvellous rock-it boards for our centre about a year ago. I just wanted to let you know how much the children and staff enjoy using them. They are so versatile!They are used to stand on and lie in, of course, but they have used them in many other ways here at Otatara. We use them as props for play acting. Vehicles are driven over them. They become parts of block construction. We use them standing on their sides in a circle to contain our pet rabbit and tortoise while children handle them. This configuration is also used to make a separate play space for 1 or 2 children and their activity. Sometimes older children just lie in them and chat.

Children from crawlers and toddlers through to 5 year olds find ways to challenge their balance and agility.We thoroughly recommend the rock-it boards to all early childhood services. They would be great to have at home too. A fabulous invention!

Kay Harland Supervisor

Little Einsteins Educare Ltd Cambridge

We're exploring our new rock-it boards! We bought them for balance and coordination and exercise! But who knew??????
They are bridges and beds and rocking chairs and rainbows, they are for surfing and dancing with your friends, train tracks and places to hide for a caterpillar...
We can always trust the children to discover every single possible way our resources can be used with their clever brains and bodies. :)
Little Einsteins Cambridge

A primary school using rock-it boards

We have recently purchased a number of rock-its,,,we are extremely pleased with them and they have proved to be both durable and multi-functional. Junior students use the rock-its every day- for balancing and a myriad of other purposes...They use their imagination and creativity within their play...Senior students use more for balance and fitness.. a student in rehab after an accident is gaining mobility and confidence...for over-active students they are a real asset...we are aware of the beneficial aspects for brain development...enthusiasm shown by children throughout the school is quite remarkable. (abridged)
Teaching staff Peterhead School, Hastings

Matapihi Kindergarten Raglan

Just wanted to write and let you know how much fun we have been having with our rock-it boards. They are such a great resource, used not only for balancing and exercising but also as an extension of block play, storytelling, dramatic play (caves, boats and bridges), and to set up performance areas. Not a day goes by that they are not put to good use. Thanks so much.
Meren and the team at Matapihi

St Claire Corner Dunedin May 2017

We have had the Rock-it boards for nearly 4 years. They have lasted so well and still look good after all this time. The children, teachers and parents all love them! The kids use them all the time, babies lie on them, and they are great for building confidence. They also build balance and coordination. We strongly recommend these boards to any ECE centre.

This testimonial was given to us at the recent ECC conference in Wellington this year. It was one of many very positive responses shared with us by teachers who have the boards in their centres.

What Adults say about their boards


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