What's new for rock-it in 2019?

Get ROCK-FIT this year!

At last  - after all this time, and in response to strong demand by so many of you, we are kicking off our first Rock-Fit class here in Hawkes Bay! 

What do we mean by Rock-Fit? Haven't we always said that working on a rock-it board is not just about fitness? At least not in the traditional sense?

Yes - you are right. This is not the usual  "hard core" fitness. 

But it is about moving our bodies! It is about... IMPROVING BALANCE...  BUILDING CORE STRENGTH... MOBILISING STIFF JOINTS - (GENTLY)... FLEXIBILITY...RHYTHM...     

Rock-fit is about exercising in a way that is FUN...EFFECTIVE...ACHIEVABLE!

And now we're going to make it possible to learn together. We will walk the walk with you ... starting here in Haumoana ...with weekly classes available for those who want to learn more about how to use their boards. Or just come along and use the boards that we will have available if you haven't got your own. 

Our first session will be FREE - and EASY!! It will be a time to explore the boards. Experiment. Begin to get ideas of how to build some simple, effective movements into a daily routine that will utilise every small and large muscle in your body! 5 - 10 minutes a day! Snacking on exercise!

It will definitely be fun. Any age or stage of fitness can partake. AND - we will post videos for those of you who are not local, who can't attend, so you too can benefit from seeing rock-it boards in action!!

Then ... once this is up and running, we have people all over NZ who are waiting and keen to do the same. Our dream is to have rock-fit classes available wherever there is demand. Small towns, Big cities, and little villages like ours here in Hawkes Bay! 

Introductory session will be on 30th January at 10am at the St Francis Church Hall 45 Beach Road Haumoana. Bring a board, or just yourself. 

And please let us know if you're coming as numbers are not unlimited! TXT or call 0272015005 Annie 

or register online via fb event 


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