Rock-Fit is a unique and innovative movement program

Offer simple fun and effective balance exercise programs

Help people regain better
Balance, Core Strength & Mobility

Become a Rock- fit ® Instructor with 2-day training & marketing program

What is Rock Fit?

The Rock- fit ® Instructors’ Program offers training in a unique and innovative movement
program called Rock-Fit.

This has a primary focus on the three elements of Balance, Core Strength and Mobility.

Rock-Fit involves the use of the NZ made, award-winning Rock-it Boards and is especially, but not exclusively, suited to people aged 40 plus.

The instructors’ training program is offered ideally to current teaching practitioners in the disciplines of Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Dance and Holistic therapist in wellness. Such teachers and practitioners already carry a holistic understanding of the physiology and psychology of natural movement and human well being.

Rock-Fit aligns well in the natural movement arena as it brings another whole dimension in dynamic and rhythmic movement.

Equally, Rock-Fit also works well as a stand-alone fitness and well-being program.

Rock Fit Classes are conducted with Supermoon Exercise Rock-It Boards

Why become a Rock Fit Instructor?

Benefits: Contribute to your community and add to your income.

People: Serve the community with dynamic, fun and effective balance class to help them connect back to their bodies with ease.

Position: Create a point of difference by adding balance classes as a program to integrate into your Pilates, Yoga, Dance, and Wellness offering.

Profit: Get premium clients for your business with personalization,

Package: Discount on Supermoon and Middle moon Rock-it boards, online marketing, systems and instructor community support.

“Be supported to grow your business and personal success through rock-fit movement.
Be part of a community of instructors to guide users of rock-it balance boards with progressive balance classes”

​Offer simple fun and effective balance exercise programs

Become a certified rock- fit ® Instructor with a 2 day training and marketing program.

  • Be adept with exercise routines that include dynamic rock-fit moves on the Supermoon rock-it board.
  • Conduct balance classes to support your students with balance, core strength, joint health and mobility, stress release, muscle tone, coordination.
  • rock- fit ® also offers a gentle way to recondition people with known cardio health challenges.

What do you get?

Rock Fit Licensed Instructor Program includes Movement and Marketing training:

  1. Register to attend a 2 and 1/2 days training to experience and a progressive series of rock fit balance of movement and business planning actions.
  2. Create a business and marketing action plan with a facilitated workshop and checklist on how to position, launch and grow your business with addition of Rock Fit classes as part of your offering. 
  3. Get constructive review and video capture of your movements on the Rock-it Board for promotion.
  • Day 1 is focused on balance movement training with progression plans for your students.
    You will experience a class, practice balance movements, workshop balance progression plan, Instructors on training will be facilitated with ideas and exchange to integrate rock-fit classes into your existing movement classes and offering.
  • Day 2 is focused on business and marketing training.
    You will set up your new bio, update it on your social media profiles.
    Identify your target segment and community for rock- fit ® 
    And prepare a marketing campaign to promote your classes and services to target audience. 
  • Day 2 and/or Day 3 is a friendly review and video capture. 
    we conduct a friendly instructor assessment and video capture of your movements as well as an introduction with you showing your rock fit movements on the Rock it board. The video will be edited and sent to you for purpose of marketing and promotions.

Invest in Rock Fit Instructor Program includes 6 Supermoon Rock-it Boards

Grow your Income and Revenue! Add $12K per annum and more with specialty balance classes.

We did our sums. By adding 3 specialty balance classes with 6 Rock it Boards per session, (capability for more) at fees of $15 to $18 per session x 40 weeks, your investment to trade as a Rock Fit Instructor Program includes the investment of 6 Supermoon Exercise Rock-it Boards.

  • Purchase Rock-it Boards to your students at instructor pricing of 20% to resell to your students.:Offer workplace wellness programs at their venue.:
  • Use valued pricing and packaging model to keep students retention high, with a progressive plan supported by your current offerings.

Your Investment of NZ$3,280 includes: 

  • 2-1/2 days Rock Fit Instructor Training Retreat
  • 6 Supermoon Exercise Rock it-Boards
  • Marketing Channels web directory, social posts and a video to promote your offering

NOTE: Options for installment plans are available at NZ$550 x 6 months on Afterpay. 
50% is to be made before  Instructor training. Boards will be sent on completion of payment.

Marketing Channels and Licensed Promotions

As a Rock Fit® Licensed Instructor, you will received the following:

  • Website listing: To help you drive traffic to your classes, more clients and services, you will receive a directory listing.
  • Professional crafted and updated personal bio for people to find your Rock Fit Class.
  • 2 years, renewable licensed to operate with Rock- Fit ® branding. 
  • Ongoing Marketing materials with Social media and video marketing library of content that you can use, edit and share easily to promote your specialty classes with progressive balance plan for your students.
  • Special board package at 20% discounted rate with 6 Supermoon or Middle moon Rock-it Boards to add to your wellness studio
  • Offer innovative and new rock- fit ® balance classes as part of your wellness and re-habitation, re-balance and toning program.

Note: After 2 years, a monthly fee of NZ$30/month or $360/year to keep your listing current. This include access to updated movement, marketing materials to annual training and balance retreat at instructor rates.  

Training Dates in 2020

Training is confirmed with 5 registered instructors.

April 2020: 10th, 11th & 12th (Easter long weekend)

October 2020: 26th, 27th & 28th (Labour day weekend)

Location: New Plymouth, Taranaki.

Venue: TBA.
On a private wellness retreat space.
AirBnb accommodation options close by for travelling instructors. 

Training Dates in 2020

Training is confirmed with 5 registered instructors.

April 2020: 10th, 11th & 12th (Easter long weekend)

October 2020: 26th, 27th & 28th (Labour day weekend)

Location: New Plymouth, Taranaki.

Venue: TBA.
On a private wellness retreat space.
AirBnb accommodation options close by for travelling instructors. 

Expression of Interest and Registration Form

Please complete this registration form for Rock Fit instructor program:

A follow up call from Rosalina will be made to discuss your interest. Please advise your preferred time and availability to connect.

Thanks and look forward to speaking and training with you soon!

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