Rock-it... the Board for all! Balance... Exercise... Play!

It's Simple... Effective.... Fun!


Keeping physically active is a key factor for healthy living! 

Maintaining strength and balance are crucial elements for health and longevity! 

Supporting children to be active & engaged in play !

Using a rock-it board is one very Simple, Effective and FUN way to help us achieve all these goals!

Even a few minutes here and there, a gentle relaxing rock at the end of a hard day...or challenging yourself to a full-on rocking workout... you will be amazed at how good you begin to feel!

Rock-it boards provide a unique way for almost anyone, any age, to Get Moving! 

Rock-it Boards are Fantastic for Children too!

You don't need to tell kids how to use the rock-it boards - they just get it! Hours of active, creative play  -  engaged and busy, having FUN! 

SO good for young growing bodies and brains!

Rock-it boards are now widely acclaimed and enjoyed in 

Early Childhood, and in Schools


Take a look at our Office Rock-it, specially designed for the workplace. This board will change how you feel at the office! Keeps you moving, supports you at your standing desk...and

These beautiful wooden balance boards are designed and made in Hawkes Bay New Zealand. Rock-it boards are eco-friendly and sustainably produced, using all NZ-sourced, natural and non-toxic materials.

Rock-it boards are sturdy, durable and versatile.

Watch the videos

First video provides a brief overview of rock-it boards in action. 

Second video "Rock-Fit" - instructional.

For exercise that is Simple, Effective and FUN!

Photo and video gallery

Visit our Gallery

Discover the many and diverse ways to use your Rock-it board  -  to maximise the benefits to your health and fitness. We include a progression of Yoga videos with Rejuvenate Yoga teacher Susan Kitson. You will be amazed at what you can achieve! 

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Rock-it boards are designed and made in Haumoana, Hawkes Bay, NZ . You are welcome to drop in to visit the workshop at 80 Raymond Road to purchase your board of choice. Please call first to check we are in.


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