rock-it boards for Children and Education

Widely Used in Early Childhood Education and in Schools, rock-it boards keep children active, moving and engaged in play.

  • Body and Brain development
  • Balance and Coordination
  • Sensory Integration
  • Creative Open-ended Play
  • Rhythmic - Calming and Relaxing

For children the possibilities are endless! AND...your rock-it boards will last for years!

Rock-it boards are widely used in early childhood settings all over NZ and in Australia.

"...Huge thanks to Dave & Annie for creating such an amazing piece of play-based educational equipment." (abridged) Nga mihi nui, Robin and Toni Christie, Childspace founders

" Our set of 4 arrived at our Adelaide preschool last week just in time for a week of rain with children stuck inside. They love them! Thank you for a fabulous product!" Teresa Golin Adelaide preschool

Rock-it Boards are Fantastic for Children too!

You don't need to tell kids how to use the rock-it boards - they just get it!
Hours of active, creative play  -  engaged and busy, having FUN!  
More activity - less device time!
SO good for young, growing bodies and brains 
Rock-it boards are now widely acclaimed and enjoyed in 
Early Childhood, and in Schools

These boards strongly support creative, open-ended and cooperative play, as well as activity and movement. Light enough for young children to carry, they use them in all kinds of imaginative and creative ways. A bridge, boat, cradle, car ramp, fencing for the rabbit or guinea pigs, or just a cosy bed to curl up on with a book - the possibilities are unlimited!As a rocking board children stand, kneel, sit or crouch, and love to challenge themselves to move in all manner of ways. The boards provide an ideal, fun way to build confidence, and to strengthen balance and coordination.
Therapeutically these boards stimulate vestibular development, and sensory integration.
Rocking is an innate, rhythmic action which soothes and relaxes. Just as mothers instinctively rock their babies to quiet and calm, so too children of all ages are captivated by things that rock.

Teachers frequently tell us of the therapeutic benefits of the rock-it boards for hyperactive children and for those on the autistic and/or SPD spectrum. They can help anxious and agitated children to calm and settle.

But above all, the boards are engaging and fun. You will find that they are in constant use and the children just love them!

Early Childhood Brochure PDF to view or print

Package Deals

We offer a choice of two special  ECE Package Deals . Follow this link for details or find on our SHOP page.
Should you require a different combination of boards, perhaps to meet a $500 budget, please contact us direct to arrange. We can offer free freight and possibly some additional discount on a purchase of 3 boards.


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