Adults raving about using rock-it boards

The Workplace

OFFICE Rock-it Rave 2014
The office staff love using the rock-it boards.
We have 6 of them in use all the time - used by people at standing work stations, or to take a breather, to stretch and move after sitting at desks. Supporting physical and mental health in the workplace - the rock-it is awesome.

and just recently in 2015
We have just ordered another 10 boards as the staff are fighting over them! They are extremely popular!

- PowerShop Wellington (and again 2016 added another 6 Office Rock-its to the collection!)

Varidesk NZ
Here is some honest feedback from the team in the office who have used the boards:
~ It's fun, helps to keep moving which pumps blood around the body and keeps you feeling motivated
~ Comfortable to use
~ It's light, easy to move around and store under your desk when you decide to sit down
~ Helps with creative thinking
~ It's beautiful, love that it's natural
~ Surprised how strong and sturdy it is to use
~ I could feel core and muscles receive a workout whilst using the board
~ Everyone in the office wants to use the board, such a fun design

Kind regards Shaina Low / Marketing and Relationships Manager / Varidesk NZ / 15.11.16

Another endorsement for the Office Rock-it board

Happy to endorse this - has been great at my stand up desk.
Law firm North Carolina USA excited to receive their Office rock-it boards!

Law firm North Carolina USA excited to receive their Office rock-it boards!

A yoga teacher recommends rock-it boards

I utilise rock-it boards in all of my classes, both in the more active Vinyasa / Hatha classes as well as in the slower yin style sessions.Even nervous students leave class with a smile on their faces after experiencing the joy of rock-it board yoga. The boards facilitate an ease of access to difficult poses like Pavritta Trikonasana and Virabradasana III, even for total beginners. For a more advanced yoga practitioner the boards provide additional complexity to standing, balance and arm strength poses. They also allow students to recline in restorative poses like Supta Virasana. My yoga room is a much richer space with the rock-it boards included.

Susan Kitson Rejuvenate Yoga Hawkes Bay NZ

Therapy and Rehabilitation

82 yr old Sees Fitness Improved

I purchased a Rock-It board nearly two months ago, I have worked out nearly every day the improvement in my fitness is amazing. I will be 82 next week and have suffered with back pain for years, cannot walk far. The rock-It is just what I needed wish I had seen one of these years ago. I started off with just 5 minutes now I am up to just over 20 min I am thrilled. Thanks so much.
- Lea Kelly (82 yrs). Havelock North
We purchased one of your last display 'rock-its' at the 'Go Green' Expo in Wellington and we just wanted to say how much we love it already! It is sitting in the middle of our cosy lounge and we are surprised at how much use it has had. It is just so easy to get on and start moving, and is quite addictive! We are sure that it is already improving our feet and ankle strength and flexibility. We have an exercycle that we inherited that sits upstairs in our landing that no one ever uses. In fact I have never sat on it at all! The 'Rock-it' however is almost constantly on the go with all our family traffic, and I suspect that the fact that it is such an aesthetically pleasing shape and form is something to do with it. Thank you very much!
- Jane and Brian (Wellington)

And a few days later from Jane:
"It has been six days now and Brian has had a noticeable improvement in his heel flexibility (an old injury) and I'm noticing better balance and core strength and flexibility. It is just the perfect tool for gentle stretch of the hip flexors and hamstrings, whilst satisfying the swing suspension joys of the inner child!"